We are a group of Williams students trying to make and deliver quality, reusable cloth masks for those in need, particularly in underserved areas located in Berkshire County.

The WMI (Williams Mask Initiative) was created in April to address the shortage of masks in Berkshire County, particularly targeting organizations and centers who serve high-risk populations and lack the resources to provide enough cloth face coverings for the people they serve. As COVID-19 continues to be a threat in the foreseeable future, the gradual reopening of Massachusetts will make the need for wearing masks an increasingly important part of the protection of members of our communities. We strive to reduce the risk of community-based transmission among those who are most in danger of COVID-19 by making and shipping cloth face coverings, a service which is made possible by our dedicated volunteers and generous donors. 

If you would like to get a mask from us, please click “Masks” at the top right hand corner of this page and fill out a mask request form! If you want to donate to support our cause, you can go to this link: gf.me/u/xxhxw8