WMI has provided over 2,500 masks to organizations in need across Berkshire County at no cost, thanks to our volunteers and donors. Now, we’re offering to send a mask to anyone who requests one!

If you would like a mask from us, simply request one through the form on our website! Even if you don’t need a mask but want one of ours, we will send you a mask if you would like to have one. Donations to our gofundme are more than welcome to compensate for the cost of making the masks:

We are offering masks in four different colors: dark purple, light purple, classic blue and warm yellow. Indicate on the form which color you would like. All masks are double layered and made with 100% cotton so they provide better protection. These masks are machine washable and very durable, with a 3D design that allows the mask to cover your nose and mouth comfortably without pressing on the latter.

We are also offering two types of straps – elastic ear loops and adjustable straps that meet behind your head. The classic ear loops are the standard design, and you’ve probably seen many masks with them. The adjustable straps that meet behind the head are an alternate design intended for people who have hearing aids, sensitive skin, or other medical conditions that make the standard mask design hard to wear. These straps are easily adjustable by pulling the ends tight! Please note that the materials for the adjustable masks are limited, so ideally we would prefer only those who need them to order one. 

Our masks are made by seamstresses who have found their best mask design solution to fit as many people as possible! All of our masks are sewn at home with sewing machines and thoughtfully made with your protection in mind. If you’d like to check out our design process or want to learn how to sew your own mask, check out this instructional video that we used to help inspire our current mask design:

We would be grateful if you can donate the suggested value that we have provided for our masks! These funds will help us with our primary mission of making and delivering cloth face coverings to the highest risk populations across Berkshire County. If you’re feeling extra generous to donate more, we thank you on behalf of our mask recipients for your support! Our work would not be possible without people like you.